Lyubov Malygina



       Lyubov Malygina has been an artist-illustrator for over 11 years already. She is the finalist of the International Biennale of Fashion Illustration IMAGO, Ukraine, a participant of  the "222 Best Young Book's Illustrators" and of the "Big Book of Fashion Illustration" by  Martin Dawber.  Having been working for magazines and children's books, she still prefers to create something truly special of her own, something filled with love and happiness to be shared with other people. 

      Last years she creating illustrations for children books, one of them "The secret garden"  Frances Hodgson Burnett  is already published by Nebo Book Publisher (Ukraine) and received special award in All-Ukrainian rating "Book of the Year 2018".


      Flowers and birds are the favourite ones of this artist: "I admire the beauty of each flower, the lightness so generously endowed to it by nature. The same thing happens with birds - they easily change my mood and allow my heart to get filled with beauty just by contemplation".


       "I'd like to describe my works as bright and emotional. I create them with all my heart being not afraid of any academic mistakes. On the contrary, I am trying to break the stereotypes and get away from any rules. My goal is not to prove anybody that when looking around me I can draw as realistically as the photo camera does. I am striving for creating something truly mine, for "planting" flowers and growing wonderful feelings in the people's hearts.  



 © Lyubov Malygina. 2017-2022

2022 - book “The wind in willows” , by Kenneth Grahame published


2021-2022 - creating watercolor’s illustrations for book “The wind in willows”


2021 - Botanical Art Exhibition Ukraine, award of Rosa Gallery, creator of  Professional Artists' Watercolours in Ukraine for work “Geranium’


2020 - Botanical Art Exhibition Ukraine, award for composition and work technique for work “ Common milkweed “


2019 - botanical illustration “Protea” watercolor’s flower taking part of BotanicalArt.ua exhibition


2018 - book  “The Secret Garden”, by Frances Hodgson Burnett published and become one of winner of every year award “The book of year 2018” , Ukraine


2017 - 2018 - creating watercolor’s illustrations for book “The Secret Garden”


2017 - finalist  in exhibition Fashion+Art, 20th anniversary of Elle in Ukrainian Fashion Week, collaboration with Bobkova  (fashion designer) 

2017 - finalist of the International Biennale of Fashion Illustration IMAGO, Ukraine


2016 - 2018 - teacher of Botanical courses in Spivakovskaya ART:EGO gallery


2016 - participant of  the "222 Best Young Book's Illustrators" and of the "Big Book of Fashion Illustration" by  Martin Dawber.  


2012-2016 - creating fashion illustrations for local magazines Elle (Ukraine), Nataly (Ukraine), collaborate with Artemiy Lebedev Studio.


2010-2012 -art director of 2 magazines “Platinum”

2008-2010 - working as graphic designer in magazine “Watch and diamond"